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Privacy Policy


This policy applies to all identified and reasonably identifiable information held and processed by Vast Puddle Pty Ltd (provider of Junipa).

Information Held

Type of Individual Type of information
Students Name, demographics, adjustment plans and evidence, significant events, case notes, and supporting evidence.

Sensitive information including descriptions of behaviour, diagnosis, and other information relevant to adjusting a student's education plans.

Information is stored as text and images as uploaded by system users.
Teachers and Administrators Name, role in system, and system usage logs.

Information Collection Sources

Information is gathered through two means:

  1. Directly from users (typically teachers or administrators typing into the system and/or uploading documents into the system)
  2. Through integration with existing systems (typically other systems utilised by schools, including intermediaries).

Information Usage, Disclosure and Sale

Information is used for the following purposes:

  • Centralised recording of information required for NCCD.
  • De-identified and re-identifiable reporting of adjustment plans and implementation.
  • Systems access and handling of support and operational requirements.
  • Monitoring the performance of systems and identifying Improvements.
  • Information is only disclosed to third parties if (a) requested by customers, or (b) required by law.
  • Under no circumstances is Information sold to third parties, or exchanged for benefits.

Information Handling Procedures


Information is stored in professional grade cloud systems using modern cloud computing practices.

Retention and Disposal

Information is retained indefinitely. Requests to permanently delete information may be made through support channels.

Disclosures, Feedback and Complaints

To submit a disclosure request, provide feedback, make a request, or raise any other issues regarding privacy email privacy@vastpuddle.com.au.